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Riser door systems

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The No.1 Riser Door in the World

Access to the riser and other secondary rooms such as service cupboards are the bane of any designer’s life. The most beautiful design can be tarnished by a bank of ugly doors stuck in the middle of it – doors that are only rarely used and create an unwelcome eyesore. Quadra+ riser door systems from Selo are elegant, frameless, high performing riser doors, which allow you to create a flush seamless finish you want with the fire-rated performance you need.

One system - Two options

Whether you choose the industry standard Quadra+ riser door for its sleek design and functional practicality or the new Pre-intumesced Quadra+ option with built-in intumescent fire-proofing; you can be sure that Quadra+ is the safe option.

Metal Riser Door Systems
Quadra+ Pre-intumesced frame option The new standard for fire protection

The pre-intumesced Quadra+ has the fire-stopping material built into the frame for a faster, safer installation removing potential fall risk and hazardous working environments as well as assisting in mitigating risk from an installation perspective, giving assurance for both contractors and building control.

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