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Who we are

Our vision is to make your life easier by simplifying traditional building methods. It’s why we exist, it’s our core reason for being.

To achieve this, we designed a set of values to live by. These 10 key principles run through our organisation, the products we design and the services we provide...

Our core values

  1. Keep it simple
  2. Tell things as they are
  3. Embrace change
  4. Positive ‘will do’ attitude
  5. Work hard, have fun
  6. Never ever give up
  7. Take ownership
  8. One company, one team
  9. Get the result
  10. Learn continuously

Keep it simple.

Life is complex. Regardless of career or job, people are always looking for ways to make life simpler. Why? Because the simpler you can make something the higher the chance of success!

Our mission is to make our customers’ lives easier.

Tell things as they are.

Be candid; tell things as they really are.

Sugar coating the truth doesn’t do anyone any favours. Being candid builds trust and makes things happen faster.

Embrace change.

Change is great! Embrace it.

Look for change, seize the opportunities, relish the challenge and enjoy the journey.

Positive ‘will do’ attitude.

Positivity is contagious – be the energiser in your team.

Someone with a positive attitude can get anything done however hard the journey, whilst motivating those around them.

Work hard, have fun.

Hard work is the most important ingredient to success.

And hard work doesn’t need to be boring – laughter, fun and enjoying each other’s company is key to our success.

Never ever give up.

Just don’t. Truly successful people never give up.

You will undoubtedly need to make adjustments to your pathway towards your goal, but never give up. Ever.

Take ownership.

Whatever you do, own it.

Whether it be a simple task, a complex project, something that’s gone wrong, answering the phone or sweeping the floor, make it your responsibility to ensure it gets done properly.

One company, one team.

On our own we are nothing; working together we are a powerful force.

Great team players are respectful, humble and work for each other, not themselves.

Get the result.

The responsibility to achieve your goals is on you. As a team, we work together to achieve our goals and we assist each other all the way, but the final responsibility to achieve your goals lies with you.

Step up to the challenge and go for it!

Learn continuously.

The one thing that will never change will be the need to grow your knowledge.

Maximise your potential and become an expert in your particular field through continuous learning.

The Selo family

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Experience simplicity

Often, the methods and processes of fitting doors can be problematic. Selo doorsets were borne from the belief that it shouldn’t be this way. We create systems that complement architectural design, are highly functional, and are simple to implement.

Selo doorsets and accompanying products enable you to achieve the interior design and the space functionality that previously you could have only ever wished for.

Our story

Discover how we've grown and built on our successes to contribute to landmark developments and iconic buildings.

nxt prv
  1. Linear Building Ideas launches Linear Building Ideas launches January 2008 We started our business as the UK agent for EZY-Jamb, the flush-finish door-frame system. View Range
  2. EZY-Jamb manufacture EZY-Jamb manufacture February 2009 We become the sole manufacturer of the EZY-jamb system for the UK and the rest of Europe. View Range
    Enigma system launches Enigma system launches July 2009 We release the pocket sliding door system, destined to be a top choice for architects and developers. View Range
  3. Newhall, Harlow, CM17 Newhall, Harlow, CM17 February 2010 EZY-Jamb is used throughout this acclaimed development by Alison Brooks Architects. View Range
    City of Westminster Courts, W1 City of Westminster Courts, W1 June 2010 The riser door system is selected for The City of Westminster Courts rebuild. View Range
  4. Success for EZY-Jamb Success for EZY-Jamb January 2011 The concealed frame doorsets are firmly established in the high-end residential housing market. View Range
    Innova range debuts Innova range debuts May 2011 The inward-opening version of the concealed-frame doorset expands our range of solutions. View Range
  5. Quadra system launches Quadra system launches January 2012 The economical metal riser door system is launched. Combining a sleek minimal finish, FD120 fire rating together with a very fair price tag the Quadra system is set to be a huge success from day one. View Range
    Howick Place, SW1 Howick Place, SW1 February 2012 Quadra riser doors feature in this landmark project which wins ‘Best Office Development’. View Range
    The News Building, SE1 The News Building, SE1 July 2012 Our riser doors feature in this premier office development, part of the London Bridge Quarter scheme. View Range
  6. Our new headquarters Our new headquarters January 2013 As a result of continual growth, we relocate to larger premises at Pinnacle House, Watford, Herts. View Range
    Roman House, EC2V Roman House, EC2V July 2013 Enigma pocket sliding doors are selected for these luxury apartments in the City of London. View Range
    South Bank Tower & The Shard, SE1 South Bank Tower & The Shard, SE1 November 2013 The Enigma doorset and Quadra riser door are chosen for the South Bank Tower. The Arriva and Innova doorsets are selected for the 17th floor of The Shard. View Range
  7. Canaletto Tower, EC1 Canaletto Tower, EC1 November 2014 The Quadra riser door and Arriva and Innova concealed frame doorsets are all selected for a pristine effect. View Range
    One Tower Bridge, SE1 One Tower Bridge, SE1 December 2014 The Enigma pocket sliding doors features in block 2 & 3 of this prestigious development. View Range
    Our new brand: Selo Our new brand: Selo December 2014 We take a deep look inside ourselves to realign our company Vision and objectives and rebrand as Selo with the vision to Simplify interior design and functionality. View Range
  8. Quadra system is updated Quadra system is updated February 2015 The economical metal riser door system evolves to offer further benefits in particular huge simplification in installation. View Range
    New 10,000 sq. ft. headquarters New 10,000 sq. ft. headquarters March 2015 We move to Selo House in Houghton Regis, Beds, to facilitate growth by operating as a central hub for all our factories and increasing the Concealed Frame Doorset manufacturing capabilities. View Range
    Enigma system is updated Enigma system is updated April 2015 The all new Enigma pocket sliding door is launched with a vastly simplified system and installation process, designs to suit every project type and unrivalled flexibility and accessories on the market. View Range
    Una timber door introduced Una timber door introduced June 2015 This is created as the perfect option where you prefer a timber door rather than a metal door on your riser applications. View Range
    Bloomberg Place, EC4 Bloomberg Place, EC4 July 2015 Quadra riser doors contribute to this £300 million building, designed by Sir Norman Foster. View Range
    Victoria Square, W3 Victoria Square, W3 August 2015 800 Arriva doorsets are included in this £45 million building ‘of distinction and timeless quality’. View Range
  9. Chiswick Gate, W4 Chiswick Gate, W4 January 2016 The Enigma doorset is chosen for these premier apartments and townhouses by the Berkeley Group. View Range
    Paddington Exchange, W2 Paddington Exchange, W2 February 2016 The Enigma doorset features in these high-specification apartments by Taylor Wimpey. View Range
    48 Leicester Square, WC2H 48 Leicester Square, WC2H March 2016 The Quadra riser door is selected for this redeveloped 1920s building, designed by Make architects. View Range

Selo brand promise

Experience simplicity
This is the embodiment of our brand; it’s used as our strapline to give the most succinct definition of our brand promise and is a key component of the whole Selo brand entity.

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